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Assalamwalekum my dear sisters and brothers, Prophet Ibrahim Story In Quran. Ibrahim As was a beloved prophet of Allah Subhan Wa Ta’laa. In this article, we are going to tell you the story of the Prophet Ibrahim AS. Keep reading to know more about him.

Prophet Ibrahim AS Story A Short Biography

As Muslims, we have to perform Hajj, during the period of Dhul Hajj we have to do charity and prayer, and fasting also.

In the kingdom of Babylon, Idols were worshiped by the people, they considered idols their Gods. Ibrahim’s (AS) father also does the same he is a sculptor and he made idols from wood and stones. As a child, Ibrahim AS watched his father doing the work even though he (AS) also play with these idols.

Ibrahim (AS) could not understand why they worship these idols his father explained to him that the status is the representatives of Gods and people worship these idols and offers them food and ornaments and in return ask for something.

The explanation given by his father did not satisfy him he thought it is wrong to worship idols. He often questions his father how can a stone or wood be God? He further said these statues have no power to benefit anyone or to harm anyone it is just an object.

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One night Ibrahim As went over the mountain to watch the sky and observe nature. Suddenly Ibrahim heard a voice calling him, It was Allah Subhan Wa Ta’Laa, he commanded Ibrahim to submit and become Muslim.

Ibrahim fell to the ground in prostrate himself to Allah and cried I Submit to the Lord of the Universe. He was in great peace and went back home in peace.

Hazrat Ibrahim AS Struggle To Spread Allah Subhan Wa Ta’Laa Message

The most important work for Ibrahim AS is to spread the Message of Allah. He calls his people to come to Allah, The only God, and Creator of the Universe. First, he said to his father whom he loved so much. He said to his father mentioned in Quran 19:42- 48, “O Father! Why do you worship that which doesn’t hear, doesn’t see, and cannot avail you in anything? O father, I have got knowledge which you have not, so follow me. I will guide you to a straight path.”  His father scolded him and rejected his proposal.

Hazrat Ibrahim AS decided to make an effort to convey the message to the people of his town, but they also rejected his proposal and threatened him.

Ibrahim AS plans, on the eve of the celebration, when everyone left he went to the temple and destroy all the small idols and left the big one. when everyone returns they were full of anger on seeing their Gods idols destroyed.

Full of anger and frustration they remember that Ibrahim is the one who was not in favor of idol worship they call Ibrahim AS. They asked him you are the one who did all this over this Ibrahim answered no and said ask the biggest statue it must be his work. People answered how can a statue speak over this Ibrahim said then why do you worship those who cannot speak and cannot see and even cannot protect themselves.

Overall these arguments they all know that Ibrahim AS had made a relevant point but their pride did not allow them to listen to Ibrahim as they have been worshipping the idols for generations.

The Miracle Of The Fire

Namrood who was the king at that time and who considered himself God ordered people to collect wood and burn Ibrahim, this news spread all over the world, and from around the world people gathered to witness this fire.

This was the biggest fire on the earth, a huge pit was dug in the ground, and wood was collected there. Ibrahim AS was shackled his hand and feet tied and was tied in a big catapult that throw him into the fire. It was believed that it was the first catapult built.

This is the time when Angel Jibreel AS visits him and asks him Is there anything you want me to do? Ibrahim AS answered that I wish only to Allah.

” HASBUNALLAHU WA NI’MAL WAKEEL ” Ibrahim replied to Angel Jibreel.

Allah ordered the fire to become cool for Ibrahim AS and the fire obeyed, the fire only burns Ibrahim’s chain. Ibrahim AS walked out of the fire without a sweat on his body. The people gathered gasped in amazement, crying out loud that Ibrahim’s Allah has saved him from fire.

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Many people come to Ibrahima and start worshiping Allah. But there are many people who are still not in Ibrahim’s favor.

Prophet Ibrahim Wife

Ibrahim AS married a girl named Sarah, He along with a man Lut and Sarah went on a mission to spread Allah’s message. Sarah married Ibrahim AS.

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