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Assalam Walekum my dear sisters and brothers, today in this article we delve into the full story of Hazrat Yousuf AS who is the youngest and the most beloved son of Hazrat Yaqub AS.

Hazrat Yousuf AS also known as Joseph in the Bible, Yusuf As is the beloved son of Hazrat Yaqub AS also known as Jacob in the Bible. In the Quran Majeed Prophet Yusuf’s story is mentioned in the surah Yusuf.

Yusuf AS Story

Hazrat Yousuf AS was the beloved son of prophet Yaqub As. Yaqub AS had 11 other sons and his other sons were jealous of Yousuf because Yaqub AS loved Yusuf AS more. Binyamin (Benjamin in the Bible) is the youngest of the brothers and he is from the same mother as Yusuf AS and the others were half brothers.

Yaqub AS loves more Yusuf AS than his brothers because Yaqub knows about his prophethood. Allah Subhan Wa Taa’La has chosen Yusuf AS as a prophet. Yusuf As was more handsome than anyone on Earth. He has so beautiful and attractive face that it makes people look at him.

The story of Yusuf AS’s brother’s Jealousy starts which makes him plot against Yusuf. When Yousuf a young boy had a dream which he told his father. “O my father, indeed I have seen eleven stars and the sun and the moon; I saw them prostrating to me.

Yaqub AS knows about his dream’s meaning and indeed he also knows about his other son’s reactions to this dream. Knowing about the situation he told his son Yusuf AS not to tell about this deam to his brothers. But somehow his brothers come to know about his dream and they plot against Yusuf AS.

Yusuf AS’s brother wanted to get rid of him because he was the most beloved son in the eyes of Yaqub AS their father. So, they plot to get rid of Yusuf AS by throwing him into the dry well.

Hazrat Yousuf AS And The Well

As time passed Hazrat Yousuf AS brother’s jealousy of him increased and it kept on growing. They plot against Hazrat Yousuf they will throw him into the well. So, one day they decided to take Yusuf AS on an outing but Yaqub AS didn’t want them to take Yusuf along with them as he feared the wolf. But the brother insisted that they would take care of Yusuf AS and that he would enjoy himself with them.

Hazrat Yousuf AS with his brothers went out when they traveled far and reached the well they grabbed him and removed his shirt and Yusuf AS kept on struggling and pleaded with his brothers to let him go. The brother finally overpowered Yusuf and threw him into the well.

Taking Yusuf’s shirt with them which they smeared with sheep blood, they rushed home and told their father that the wolf ate Hazrat Yousuf AS. Yaqub was suspicious of their story, he did not believe in his sons because Yusuf’s AS Shirt was not torn from anywhere. He prays to Allah to have mercy on Yusuf and bear this with patience. Yaqub AS cried so much that he lost his eyesight.

Hazrat Yousuf AS spent three days in the well. By the time Yusuf’s brothers came and saw every day that Yusuf would not come out of the well. Meanwhile, Yusuf prayed to Allah to grant him salvation. Soon a caravan stopped at the well to fetch water and they threw a bucket into the well. Yusuf As came out with the help of the rope. The people were very happy to see this handsome boy and take him as a slave. He was brought to the Egypt market and was auctioned and sold as a slave to Al Azeez.

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Yusuf AS And Zulekha Al Azeez Wife

Prophet Yousaf’s story is very well explained in the Surah Yusuf in the Quran, in fact, surah Yousaf is the only story that is explained very clearly in the Quran Majid.

According to the Quran, It was Al Azeez’s wife Zulekha who was very much impressed by the beauty and charm of Yousaf AS and it was she who seduced Yousaf and closed the doors and asked Yousaf AS to come to her but Yousaf AS behaved in a very civilized manner, he reminds favor of her husband Al Azeez over him. Yousaf AS said I can’t be disloyal to my master who has given me so much favor.

Yousaf AS knows adultery is the biggest sin those who commit this sin a bad people. Prophet Runs to get rid of her and Al Azeez’s wife ran after Yousaf AS and tore his shirt from the back.

Suddenly Al Azeez appeared at the door, Zulekha ran after her husband and accused Prophet Yousaf of seducing her. As any decent and innocent man will do Prophet Yousaf tried to defend himself saying she is the one who seduced him.

Yousaf AS’s shirt tore from the back this is an indication that Al Azeez’s wife is the culprit Yousaf tried to escape but Al Azeez listened to her voice and imprisoned Yousaf AS.

This news spread like fire but women knew that it was Zulekha who seduced him and not Yousaf. She asks the women to come to her place and call Yousaf AS on seeing Yousaf AS, the women forget everything and keep on staring at him and cut their hands, Zulekha tells these women it was this man whom they should blame. She clearly states that it was she who seduced him and he rejected and so he was imprisoned.

Khwabon Ki Tabeer By Hazrat Yousaf

Khawab is a part of life. Many people think they are just mind playing with us. There are Khawab which are from Allah’s side and many such khawabs which are from Shaitan. We must know which khawab has its meaning.

Allah SubhanWa Taa’La has granted Hazrat Yousaf AS the power of telling the tabeer.

Yousaf AS accepted the imprisonment as he thought that it was better than what these women were calling on him to do. Allah Subhan WaTaa’La protects him from these women’s plot

She decided to put him in prison and he accepted the decision because imprisonment was better than what these women were calling on him to do.

God answered his prayer and protected him from their plot.

Yusaouf AS was imprisoned for a crime that he had not committed. The prison was the third test of Allah over Yousaf AS, He spent 9 years in prison for a crime that he had not done. Allah had blessed Yousaf AS with the power of interpretation of dreams.

There were two men in the prison one was the king’s cupbearer and the other was the King’s cook both these men had vivid dreams. The King’s cook dreamed that he stood in place with bread on his head and two birds were eating the bread. The cupbearer dreams that he is serving wine to the king. Both the men went to the Yousaf and asked him to interpret their dreams.

Yousaf interpreted their dreams and told them that the cupbearer would be returned to his service and the cook would be crucified until death. Yousaf tells the cupbearer to mention his name to the king that he was here for no crime, he is innocent.

In the dream which Yousaf AS predicted happened the cook was crucified and the cupbearer was returned to his service. but he forgets to mention Yousaf’s name to the king. While Yousaf AS patiently asks Allah for help and spends many years in prison.

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