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Assalamwalekum my dear sisters and brothers, In Egypt, there lived a king at the time of Musa AS. All the kings in Egypt were known as Firon (Pharaoh), but today we are going to tell you about King Firon who lived at the time of Musa AS. This king is disobedient to Allah almighty. Keep reading to know about Firon’s history, and what happened to Firon.

Firon History

Firon (Pharaoh) History Firon Dead Body Story Images

Firon is the king of Egypt, he is so much in his pride and arrogance that Allah Subhan Wa Ta’laa made Firon’s dead body a sign of warning for the whole world, and at present, in this time you can also see Firon’s dead body lying in Egypt museum. He called himself a god and was in his pride and arrogance that his entire army along with him was drowned in the river Nile.

Firon’s body is still preserved and was a lesson for everyone in this world. When Musa A.S. said to come to Allah, to follow Allah. He said himself a God (نعوذباللہ). He forces everyone to worship him. In this article, you will learn about the Firon and Musa A.S. ka waqia.

In Quran Majid Allah Subhan Wa Talaa said, we will keep Pharaoh’s dead body safe so that it will be a lesson for the coming people.

The King’s body was found in 1898, but it is already mentioned in the Quran 1400 years back. It is found. Researchers from all over the world have been engaged in exploring Egypt for the last 200 hundred years. In this process, they came across numerous tombs where they found mummies. The Valley of Kings is a place where Egyptians buried their Pharaoh.

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Firon and Musa A.S. Ka Waqia

This king was very fond of gold, silver, diamonds, jewels, and treasures and also had large numbers of people for service, this is the reason that these Firon were so prideful and arrogance and felt they had power that they called themself God,( نعوذباللہ ) they were intoxicated with their wealth. Their people thought Pharoah was the medium between them and their Gods.

Firon misled his people through the river Nile, he told his people to prostrate to him as he made the river Nile scared for them. The time came when the river Nile dried and Allah Subhan Wa Ta’laa did not allow the River Nile to wave drought conditions arise. people and animals starve and die. After this Egyptians went to Firon and said “If you are our God, have mercy on us and fill the river Nile again for us.”

On this, Firon took his ashes in his hand and went towards the deserted forest. He went completely alone, he forbade all the people to follow him, he went to that forest and after reaching there, he took off his royal clothes, crown and wearing a woolen dress and a cap rubbed the ashes on his face. took it and started rolling on the ground, after that he went into prostration and started crying.

He said, ” I know you are the doer of everything you are the God of both the world, I know I am a liar I know very well that you are the master of the whole universe, except you, no one is worthy of worship, I am a liar, I have disobeyed you, you are the real owner, I have gone so far in your disobedience that I started considering myself in your place, O God, you are the first and you are the last, I repent to you, O God, accept my repentance and don’t bring me shame in my community.”

Allah Subhan Wa Ta’laa accepts his prayer and fills the river Nile with water again. Firon again returned to his place and after some time started again he again got into pride and started claiming himself, God.

He ordered his vizir to build his palace again he built his palace where thousands of laborers were hired all special expert craftsmen were hired to build his palace. Firon was in so much pride he insulted Musa A.S. and Allah Subhan Wa Ta’Laa said to Musa when he (A.S.)was thinking about it. Allah Subhan Wa Ta’Laa said to Musa( A.S.)don’t forget that I will destroy his palace in a moment.

Once Firon and his companion get to the top of the palace and start throwing arrows toward the sky. They thought they were killing Musa and the angels (مجلہ) and the arrows came down with blood stains on them.

Over this Allah ordered Jibreel A.S. to destroy his palace. Hazrat Jibreel A.S. broke his palace by hitting his legs. Allah Ta’ala destroyed Pharaoh when Fironsaw all this, he understood everything, so he started a war with Hazrat Musa Alaihissalam, Allah Ta’ala tried to explain to him through Musa But Firon was not deterred and at last he got destroyed in the river Nile while chasing Hazrat Musa Alaihissalam and his Koum Bani Isreal.


Never be proud of all that you have. It is Allah Subhan Wa Ta’laa if want can put you to the thrown and if want can leave you in the dirt.

Firon’s dead body is still preserved and was a lesson for everyone in this world.

We pray in the court of Allah Ta’ala, May Allah give us all the ability to avoid pride and arrogance and give us all the way to lead a better life in every way in the world. Give us the ability to avoid any sin (Ameen).