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Hakeem Luqman لقمان, the wise man or Luqman al-Hakim was a man. In this article, we are going to give knowledge about Haqeem Luqman. There are many stories about Hakim Luqman and his nasihat and nuskhe.

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Who Is Haqim Luqman?

Luqman Hakeem was a wise man from Arabia who lived during 1100 B.C. after whom Surah Luqman the 31st Chapter of the Quran was named.

He lived during the time of Prophet Ayub A.S. He was recognized as Hakeem Luqman, in English Hakeem means wise man but in Arabic, it has a higher meaning.

It is believed that he is from Nubia or Egypt. In the Quran it is not stated that he was a prophet or not, many believe that he was a prophet and that is why many people add Alaihis Salam (A.S.) after his name.

He was African and was brought to Arabia as a slave. ANQA Bin SANDON was his father and belongs to the Naqa tribe of Sudan. He was black, short in height, his lips were thick and his hands and feet were ugly.

Early Life Of Hakeem Luqman

During the Early Life Of Hakeem Luqman, he was a slave and was always denied human rights. He was not able to express himself in any way. He was a simple and keen observer of life around him.

His destiny changed when he was sold as a slave to another person and this time his master was a very good person. His master identifies him as an intelligent person and his master was very impressed by his work. His master started to consider Luqman as his friend and companion.

In those days slaves were not allowed to communicate with their masters and they did not convey anything. One day he was asked by his master to slaughter a sheep and bring the best part of the sheep to him.

Luqman slaughters a sheep and brings the heart and tongue of the sheep. Upon seeing this his master was very happy and he understood that Luqman was a wise man.

His master again ordered him to slaughter a sheep and this time he asked Luqman to bring the worst part from the sheep. Upon which Luqman brought the same two-part heart and tongue. On this, his master was confused and he asked Luqman why you have bought the same two organs. This was the first opportunity for Luqman to speak.

He replied politely that heart and tongue are the sweetest part of the noble person and it is also the worst part of the greedy and evil man.

On hearing this his master becomes his fan and Luqman gets respect from his owner. Luqman became the favorite person of many and he was asked for advice from many people and held great respect. He becomes so popular that his fame crosses the boundaries and spreads all over the kingdom.

Luqman became popular as Hakeem Luqman and Allah SWT was so pleased by the wise and pious behavior that he revealed a Surah in Al Quran by his name.

Nuskhe Of Haqeem Luqman

Nuskhe or remedies of Hakeem Luqman is quite popular and it forms a significant part of his legacy. His principles of traditional Islamic medicines. These remedies or Nuskhe approaches to health, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Hakeem Luqman Remedies offers physical benefits offers herbal health remedies. From concoctions of herbs and spices to soothing teas, his formulations aim at restoring balance to the body’s natural functions. According to the latest research, many herbs are found soothing for health already told by Hakeem Luqman.
  • Hakeem Luqman emphasized a balanced and proper diet. His guidelines on diet focus on the consumption of natural, and unprocessed foods. He advocates for the importance of nutrition in maintaining good health. Also avoiding harmful dietary practices was an integral component of his nuskhe.
  • The most important nuskhe of Hakeem Luqman is his spiritual healing. He recognized the spiritual and physical health. His nuskhe is also included in salah, during meditation and acts of kindness are the essential element of his nuskhe. The Concept of maintaining harmony between body and mind and soul.

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Hakeem Luqman’s stories and his nuskhe for life offer a holistic approach that encompasses the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of well-being. We found timeless sources of inspiration and guidance on the journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life.


1. Was Hakeem Luqman a prophet?

A person whose name is Luqman is from Arabia during 1100 BC. He was not a Prophet but he was a wise man who lived during the period of Prophet Ayub (AS).

2. Who Is Luqman in the Bible?

In the Bible Luqman is the grandfather of the prophet Abraham who lived for 500 years. He was the one who was asked by Allah to choose between prophecy and wisdom and he chose wisdom.

3. What did Luqman say to his son?

Luqman always said to his son not to associate Allah with anyone or anything. The simple message that he wanted to convey was do not shirk.

4. What is Luqman in English?

In English, Luqman is a wise man on whom surah in the Quran.