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Hazrat Younus ka waqia. Hazarat Younus jinko machali ne nigal liya. In this, you will get the waqiya about how a fish swallow HazratYounus A.S. when he left his qaum in anger. Read the full story here.

Hazrat Younus A.S

Hazrat Younus A.S. is the prophet and messenger of God Allah Subhan Wa tala. In Islam, he was highly important as a prophet he was faithful to God.

In Bible, He is the only one of the twelve Minor Prophets who was named in the Quran. There is a surah in Quran named after him. The 10th so hah of the Quran is named after him.

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As Dhul Nun and as the Astople of Allah Hazrat Younus named is mentioned many times in the Quran.

Hazrat Younus In Fish Stomach Qissa

Hazrat Younus A.S. when in anger left his qaum and leave. He went on a boat ( Kashti ). The boat started moving and it went and get stuck in the ocean waves. Their ship is drowning due to the load on the boat.

The boat was loaded and they decided to reduce the load and came on the idea of a lucky draw. A lucky draw is conducted and who so ever name has come will jump out of the boat into the sea. Everyone agreed on this.

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The first lucky draw is done and the name came is Younus. Everyone was shocked and decided to do it again. People had so much respect for Hazrat Younus that did not want him to jump into the water.

Second-time lucky draw is conducted again the name is Younus, Hazrat Younus getting himself prepare to jump into the water saying it is from Allah. People again say they will do it again and stopped Younus to jump.

The third time again lucky draw is done and the name that came is Younus. Younus understand that my Allah wants me to jump and he jumps into the ocean.

Allah call a huge fish from Bahr e Khizr and order the fish ( Machali ) to swallow Hazrat Younus but did not eat him as he is very important and also see that he didn’t get hurt from this.

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This huge fish ba hifazat Hazrat Younus A.S. swallow and did tawaf of all the ocean. This huge fish was swallowed by another big fish and this is how Hazrat Younus was in the three layers of darkness. In the ocean, the stomach of the fish is in the stomach of another fish.

When he was in the fish’s stomach he thought that he died and when he tried to move his body he came to know that he is still alive and went into the sajdah. He said to Allah “ Ae Parwardigar, main teray lye aisi jagah masjid (sajdah-gah) banata houn, jahan ksi dosray ne teri ibadat na ki hogi..”

For How Much Time Hazrat Younus In Fish Stomach?

According to some people Hazrat Younus was in the stomach of the fish from morning till evening some scholars say he is for 3 days and some say he is in the fish stomach for 7 days and also some say he stays there for 40 days.

Allah knows for much time Hazrat Younus A.S. lived in the stomach of a fish.

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