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Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters here you will get the PDF and MP3 download of Surah Ibrahim.

Surah Ibrahim is the 14 surah of the Quran Majid and it holds a profound message and guidance. The surah is composed of 52 ayats. In this article, we will explore the ayats of surah when it was revealed, and why it was revealed.

Surah Ibrahim

Surah Ibrahim is the 14th surah and is composed of 52 ayats. Surah begins by stating how the opponents of Hazrat Muhammad SAW will be punished and will be in the fire. Allah states clearly in the last ayats of the surah that There is no one but only Allah.

Surah focuses on the tawhid and it says that the work of nabi is inviting people to come and worship one one and one God Allah SWT. Surah also narrates how the disbelievers and haters of Allah SWT dislike Hazrat Ibrahim and reject his message to worship only one God, Allah. In the last ayats Allah States in Surah that Allah is only one and no one will oppose Him.

PDF Download

Reading the Quran Majid in digital format is also an advantage of not holding the physical copy of the Quran Majid. With the help of a PDF download of Surah, you can recite Surah whenever you need and require it. Also helps to memorize the surah and explore its meaning. It will help you to understand it in detail.

When And Why Surah Ibrahim Was Revealed?

Surah was revealed in Mecca and was composed of 52 ayats. Ayat number 28 and 29 was revealed about those killed in the Jung e Badr and these surah was revealed in Medina.

It was revealed during the last few days Hazrat Muhammad was in Mecca at that time of persecution of Muslims was at the worst stage.

Benefits Of Surah Ibrahim
  1. There are numerous benefits of reciting surah Ibrahim.
  2. It is the 14th surah with 52 ayats.
  3. Reciter will never live in poverty.
  4. Reciter will never face adversity in life, nor confusion.
  5. Surah gives relief from severe joint pains.
  6. Helpful in teething and weaning of the child.
  7. The reciter will never experience any fight.
  8. Assists digestion in children.
  9. It is a source of spiritual healing and guidance.
  10. For Allah’s Will and protection recite surah.
Lesson Drived From Surah Ibrahim

The surah intricately weaves lessons from Hazrat Ibrahim’s (AS) life, portraying him as a paragon of devotion and submission to Allah. From his encounters with idolatry to the construction of the Kaaba, Ibrahim AS’s journey unfolds in the surah his resilience, trust, and unwavering commitment to Tawhid.


Surah is the enduring wisdom in the Quran. Through its ayat, believers are invited to reflect on the profound themes of faith, gratitude, and divine guidance. The historical context of Surah creates a connection with Allah SWT and it holds divine guidance. Surah strengthens our faith and makes us strong in our belief in Allah SWT.

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