[PDF] Aqeeqa (Hakika) Ki Dua For Baby Boy And Baby Girl

Assalamwalekum, my dear sisters and brothers, Here you can get Aqeeqa Ki Dua PDF Download.

the birth of a child in a family is a time of celebration and thanksgiving. It is time for the family to come together and pray for the child’s health and happiness.

It involves the sacrifice of an animal the offering of prayers and asking for a child’s protection for the child. it is a beautiful tradition in Islam.

It involves a proper prayer and asking Allah SWT for the baby’s protection from bad nazar.

What Is Aqeeqa Ki Dua?

It is a sunnah act, It is advised by Hazrat Muhammad SAW to perform the act of Aqeeqa. It involves sacrificing (Qurbani) the animal and distributing it with love to relatives and friends and also to needy people. The dua of Aqeeqa is a unique prayer that should be recited during Qurbani. It asks Allah SWT to guide them to the right path.

In Sahih Hadith, It is said that it is sunnah, and sadqa also, it is performed by the parents after the birth of the child after seven days or 21 days. The Aqiqa ceremony involves animal sacrifice and many parents won’t be able to get the animal for the sacrifice because they don’t have much amount or are not in a position to do so. They can postpone the event for a convenient time but it should be performed before a child reaches puberty.

Rules For Performing The Hakika KI Dua

Different rules for performing Akika ki dua, Ladki ke Hakika Ki Dua, Ladke Ki Haqeeqe ki dua. It was narrated by Hazrat Muhammad SAW on one of the occasions to slaughter two sheep or goats for a boy and one goat for a girl. Gender regarding goats is either male or female.

  • Dua For Baby Boy
[PDF] Aqeeqa (Hakika) Ki Dua For Baby Boy
  • Dua For Baby Girl
[PDF] Aqeeqa (Hakika) Ki Dua For Baby Girl

Benefits Of Performing Aqeeqa

First of all, it is a sunnah act so performing it brings blessing and mercy of Allah SWT for the child. It is sadqa in such cases it repels evils and bad nazar. Reviving the Sunnah of the Rasool Allah SAW brings guidance and mercy.


Aqeeqa ki dua is the Islamic ceremony of Aqeeqah. It involves the process of sacrificing an animal in honor of a newborn child a sheep or a goat. During the sacrifice, the dua is said to ask Allah to bless and protect the child and show gratitude towards Allah SWT. The Aqeeqah ki dua is important to Muslims because It is done for the newborn baby’s protection and asking Allah to bless the child.


What is the purpose of reciting “Aqeeqa ki dua”?

It acknowledges the blessings of a newborn child and expresses gratitude for Allah SWT. It seeks protection blessings and guidance for the newborn child.

Who recites “Aqeeqa ki dua”?

It can be recited by the parents or anyone responsible for the family during the Akika ceremony. It is a dua that addresses Allah SWT expressing gratitude and seeking guidance for the child.

When is “Aqeeqa ki dua” recited?

It is recited during the ceremony or animal sacrifice by parents or any responsible individual from the family. It can be performed after seven days or 21 days or can be done later if necessary or if parents are not in a position to perform it can be done before the child reaches puberty.

What is the English translation of “Aqeeqa ki dua”?

The translation of Hakika ki dua in English is “In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, through whose blessings righteous deeds are perfected.”

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