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Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters, here you can download Surah Bani Israel PDF and MP3 download.

Surah Bani Israel is also known as Surah Al-Isra’. It is the 17th surah in the Quran Majid and holds immense significance for Muslims.

In this article, we will explore the depth of surah Bani Israel, its ayats translation and explanation, and its historical facts

Surah Bani Israel

Surah Bani Israel holds a divine message and it is a remarkable surah in the Quran Majid. It is the 17th surah and comprises 111 ayats. The surah is named Bani Israel which means The children of Israel.

Surah begins with the phrase “Exalted is He”, emphasizing the transcendence of Allah, and subsequently explores a wide range of topics and themes. The main focus is educating about the key aspects of surah Bani Israel in PDF format for a clear understanding.

Historical Facts Related To Bani Israel

To understand the Surah Bani Israel, one must consider the history related to the Surah Bani Israel, The surah was revealed at the critical period when Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) experienced the night Journey (Miraj). It is referred to in the opening ayat of the surah.

Surah Bani Israel had a significant impact on the Muslim community’s faith and strengthened the Prophet’s mission.

Surah Bani Israel holds valuable themes which include Tawheed, the importance of namaz, Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) teachings and his leadership, and also most importantly children of Bani Israel.

  • As the ayats 1 states the miraculous journey of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from Mecca to Mosque Al-Aqsa in Jerusalem and then went through all the heavens to the seventh heaven. The event focuses on the Prophet’s unique status and divine nature of the event.
  • The surah stresses the oneness of Allah SWT and His absolute authority over the universe. It emphasizes the futility of associating partners with Allah and the consequences of disbelief.
  • Ayat 78 and 79 states the importance of namaz and its role in molding the nature of the believer in faith. This serves as a reminder of the spiritual discipline required of Muslims.

The Lessons From The Children Of Israel

The failure and success of the children of Bani Israel are mentioned, and through this lesson, we derived a valuable lesson for the Muslim Community.

The Role Of Prophets

Surah Bani Israel focuses on the divine guidance which is attained through prophets. The fact is mentioned through prophets including Musa AS, Isa AS, Saliha AS, and many other prophets, the rejection their community faced

Download Surah Bani Israel PDF

To facilitate your study of Surah Bani Isra’il, we have provided a PDF version for your convenience. Which is available at your fingertip whenever you want to read this surah.

Final Verdict For Surah Bani Israel

Surah Bani Israel is the profound surah in the Quran Majid. It is a surah that offers timeless lessons and guidance for believers. It tells us about the divine journey of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), highlights the importance of tawhid, and the importance of namaz, and provides insight into the history and experiences of the Children of Israel. By downloading the provided PDF and exploring the ayats, readers can gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable surah and its spiritual significance.

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