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Surah Nuh also known as Story of Nuh AS Surah, Nuh AS is Anbiya. Surah Nuh is the 71st surah of the Quran Majid and it is composed of 28 ayats.

Surah Nuh is a full surah dedicated to the Nuh AS story, it holds a profound message and lesson for humanity. In this article, we will explore the story of the Nuh AS his mission, and the result of his people’s rejection of his divine message.

Surah Nooh

You can find Surah Nuh in Jaz 29, it is the 71st surah and is composed of 29 ayats. The surah subject revolves around the story of Allah Nabi Nuh AS, he is one of the most significant Anbiya in Islamic tradition.

Surah Nuh serves as a timeless source of a reminder of the consequences of disbelief and the importance of unwavering faith in Allah.

Story Of Nuh AS In Surah Nuh

Surah Nuh starts by recounting the mission of the Nuh AS and the challenges faced by him in conveying the message of Allah SWT to his people. The surah highlights the unwavering faith and dedication to Allah SWT and it also focuses on the patience he showed during times of difficulty and adversity. The story of Nuh AS serves as an example of faith, perseverance, and His mission as an Anbiya.

Nuh AS Ummat (People Of Nuh AS)

The surah depicts the story of the people of the Nuh AS as stubborn and defiant. They completely reject the message of Nuh AS and they refuse the concept of only God Allah but they follow their polytheistic beliefs that have several Gads and idol worship.

They Mocked Nuh AS and their arrogance became so big that prevented them from recognizing the truth in Nuh AS’s words.

Punishment of Allah SWT upon the people of Nuh AS in response to the obstinate disbelief of his people. Nuh AS asked Allah SWT to intervene.

Allah SWT’s divine punishment came in the form of a great flood that destroyed the entire land. Only those who believed Nuh AS and followed him will be saved. This historic event serves as a reminder of the consequences of rejecting divine guidance.

Teachings OF Surah Nuh

Surah Nuh teaches us valuable lessons and teachings like the importance of having faith in Allah SWT, Nuh AS faith is unwavering.

The result of disbelief that was faced by the people of Nuh AS was the great flood that destroyed the whole land and those who followed Nuh AS and listened to his message were saved. This was the consequence of rejecting the truth and persisting in disbelief. Surah Nuh highlights the challenges that were faced by Nuh AS in delivering the divine message and the patience required to persevere in the face of adversity. Allah SWT’s mercy is upon those who were with Nuh AS.

10 Benefits Of Surah Nuh
  1. Surah Nuh is the 71st surah in the Quran Majid.
  2. It is composed of 29 ayats.
  3. Recite surah Nuh for forgiveness.
  4. It gives peace of mind.
  5. Regular recitation increases faith in Allah SWT.
  6. It provides moral and ethical guidance
  7. Surah Nuh increases a sense of hope.
  8. Recite surah Nuh for protection from enemies
  9. For an abundance of blessings recite Surah Nuh
  10. For Allah’s will and protection recite surah Nuh.

Message in the surah Nuh is not limited to just historical account but this surah serves as a reminder for the people of today’s generation to have faith and patience. Always remember those who faced the consequences of rejecting Allah SWT messenger’s teaching and guidance.

Conclusion For Surah Nooh PDF

Surah Nuh is a compelling surah of the Quran that offers a profound narrative about the life and mission of Nooh AS. It emphasizes the significance of faith, the consequences of disbelief, and the enduring relevance of the Quranic message. This surah continues to inspire believers and serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unwavering faith in Allah SWT. The story of Prophet Nooh, as narrated in Surah Nuh, remains a source of guidance and reflection for Muslims around the world.

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