[Surah Alaq] Surah Iqra PDF Download In English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic & Mp3

Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters, here you will get the Surah Iqra PDF download. Surah Iqra is also known as Surah Al Alaq. it is the 96 surah of the Quran Majid. It is a profound surah for Muslims.

In this article, you will get the Surah Iqra details, its benefits, and the spiritual message it carries. We have prepared for your convenience a PDF download of Surah Iqra to ensure you have all the information at your fingertips.

Surah Al Alaq

Surah Al Alaq marks the beginning of divine revelation to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and, by extension, the dawn of Islam itself. The word “Iqra” means to “Read” or “Recite,” and it stresses the importance of knowledge, learning, and the pursuit of wisdom in Islam. In this context, the Surah is a call to humanity to seek knowledge and enlightenment.

  • Surah Al Alaq In Arabic With Urdu Translation
[Surah Alaq] Surah Iqra PDF Download In English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic & Mp3
[Surah Alaq] Surah Iqra PDF Download In English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic & Mp3
  • Surah Al Alaq In English

Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem

  1. Iqra bismi rab bikal lazee khalaq
  2. Khalaqal insaana min ‘alaq
  3. Iqra wa rab bukal akram
  4. Al lazee ‘allama bil qalam
  5. ‘Al lamal insaana ma lam y’alam
  6. Kallaa innal insaana layatghaa
  7. Ar-ra aahus taghnaa
  8. Innna ilaa rabbikar ruj’aa
  9. Ara-aital lazee yanhaa
  10. ‘Abdan iza sallaa
  11. Ara-aita in kana ‘alal hudaa
  12. Au amara bit taqwaa
  13. Ara-aita in kaz zaba wa ta walla
  14. Alam y’alam bi-an nal lahaa yaraa
  15. Kalla la illam yantahi la nasfa’am bin nasiyah
  16. Nasiyatin kazi batin khaatiah
  17. Fal yad’u naadiyah
  18. Sanad ‘uz zabaaniyah
  19. Kalla; la tuti’hu wasjud waqtarib (make sajda)
  • Surah Al Alaq In Hindi


1. इक़रअ बिस्मि रब्बिकल लज़ी खलक

2. खलाक़ल इंसाना मिन अलक़

3. इक़रअ व रब्बुकल अकरम

4. अल्लज़ी अल्लमा बिल क़लम

5. अल्लमल इंसान मालम यअ’लम

6. कल्ला इन्नल इंसाना लयत्गा

7. अर रआहुस तग्ना

8. इन्ना इला रब्बिकर रुज आ

9. अरा अय्तल लज़ी यन्हा

10. अब्दन इज़ा सल्ला

11. अरा अयता इन काना अलल हुदा

12. अव अमरा बित तक्वा

13. अरा ऐता इन कज्ज़बा व तवल्ला

14. अलम यअलम बिअन्नल लाहा यरा

15. कल्ला लइल लम यन्तहि लनस फ़अम बिन नासियह

16. नासियतिन काज़िबतिन खातिअह

17. फ़ल यद्उ नादियह

18. सनद उज़ ज़बानियह

19. कल्ला ला तुतिअहु वस्जुद वकतरिब

Historical Context And Revelation In Surah Iqra

To understand the message of Surah Al Alaq fully, one must appreciate its historical context. The Surah was revealed in the Cave of Hira on Mount Nur, near Mecca, during the month of Ramadan. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was in deep contemplation and meditation when the angel Jibril A.S. appeared to him and commanded him to “Read.” These verses stress the divine source of knowledge and the role of revelation in guiding humanity.

The Message Of Surah Iqra

The message surah Iqra carries is a profound message that resonates with Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It stresses the importance of literacy, education, and the pursuit of knowledge. According to Surah Iqra reading and writing is a divine gift, as it enables us to acquire wisdom, broaden our mind, and achieve a deeper understanding of the world around us.

Apart from that it also addresses the concept of humility and submission before Allah Subhan Wa Taa’La. Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) initial reaction to the command to read was uncertainty, highlighting the vulnerability of human beings in the face of divine revelation. This moment exemplifies the humility required to seek knowledge and guidance.

Contemporary Society

In today’s world where the world is driven by technology and information, Surah Iqra’s message is more relevant than ever. The Surah encourages us to utilize the gift of literacy and knowledge responsibly. It calls for the pursuit of education, both secular and religious, as a means to improve oneself and society as a whole.

The Surah also highlights the importance of spirituality and introspection. In an era marked by materialism and superficiality, it serves as a reminder to pause, reflect, and seek a deeper connection with the divine.


Surah Iqra is a timeless and profound surah of the Quran, whose significance extends far beyond its historical context. It is a call to embrace the power of knowledge, humility, and spirituality. This article, “Surah Iqra PDF,” serves as a comprehensive exploration of the Surah, offering readers a deeper understanding of its wisdom and relevance in today’s world.

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