Dua For Health Recovery [PDF] In English, Hindi & Arabic

Assalamwalekum my dear brothers and sisters here you will get the dua for health recovery PDF download.

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If your health is good you are fit for any work you do. Everyone needs to maintain a good health. A person faces challenges to their physical and mental health, they often find peace of mind both in conditional and unconditional methods. The most important method that works is practicing dua for health recovery.

Here in this article, you will get the dua for health recovery and will know the various benefits of making dua or supplications.

Dua For Health Recovery

Hazrat Muhammad SAW said Allah did not send down any disease but he also sent down the cures. In many hadith, we found that Hazrat Muhammad SAW uses the ayats of the Quran Majid and asks Allah SWT to heal the person. Even during anxiety and depression use of these ayats is very beneficial.

Dua For Pain

There was a narration that Ayesha RA said when any of the companions of Hazrat Muhammad SAW had an illness, he (SAW) would rub the area of pain and recite this dua.

Dua For Health Recovery [PDF] In English, Hindi & Arabic

Dua For Sickness

There was a narration stating that Hazrat Muhammad SAW recommended that whoever fell sick place their hand on the part where there is pain and recite Bismillah three times and then recite seven times this dua.

Dua For Health Recovery [PDF] In English, Hindi & Arabic

 Dua For Quick Recovery

Hazrat Muhammad SAW encourages his companion for quick recovery and recites this dua, for goodness here and hereafter.

Dua For Health Recovery [PDF] In English, Hindi & Arabic

Ayats OF Healing Or Dua For Health Recovery In The Quran Majid

In the Quran Majid, various ayats have the power to heal any disease. Among them Three Quls, Surah Al-Fatiha, Surah Al Kausar included.

Three Quls

You will find in many narrations that three Quls have healing power. Make it a habit of reciting three Quls regularly in the morning and evening. Hazrat Muhammad SAW also said that recites all the Quls during fatal disease or illness.

In one of the Hadith, Aisha RA said that Hazrat Muhammad SAW went he went to his bed at night used to recite Surah Al Iklas, surah al Falaq, and Surah an-Nas and then blow on his hand and over his face and also over the body his hand could reach and also when he fell ill he used to order Aisha RA to do the same for him.

Surah Al Fatiha

Surah Fatiha is also known as the mother of the Quran Majid. It has numerous benefits. In our daily prayers, it is recited and also recommended as ruqyah.

There was a narration that states Hazrat Muhammad SAW recited surah Al Fatiha over a scorpion bite which Allah SWt cured.

Dua For Health

The practice of dua for health recovery is deeply personal and sincere. While there are general prayers that address well-being, individuals often customize their supplications based on their specific circumstances. Some may recite established prayers, while others may pour out their hearts in their own words.

Consistency and sincerity are key components of dua. Believers are encouraged to maintain a regular practice of supplication, acknowledging that healing is a process that unfolds over time. The act of dua is not confined to moments of crisis it becomes a continuous conversation with Allah SWT, a source of strength and guidance throughout life’s journey.


The medical field continues to advance, the supplications are also important. Individuals will find peace in connection with Almighty Allah SWT. Recitation of duas and ayats from the Quran Majid addresses the mind, body, and spirit. Supplications and duas contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of health and well-being.

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Q1: What is a dua for health recovery?

A dua for health recovery is a supplication or prayer made by a person seeking healing and well-being. It is a form of communication with Allah, expressing one’s desire for physical or mental healing. However various ayats in the Quran Majid has the healing power.

Q2: Can I make a dua for someone else’s health?

Yes, you can make dua for the health and recovery of others, including family members, friends, or anyone in need. It is considered a compassionate and selfless act.

Q3: Is there a specific dua for health recovery mentioned in the Quran or Hadith?

While there isn’t a specific dua with explicit instructions for health recovery, several ayats in the Quran Majid and Duas from the Hadith can be recited for healing. Seek guidance from a knowledgeable source or use heartfelt words expressing your request for health.

Q4 Which surah is for healing illness?

Surah Yasin is the heart of the Quran Majid and has the power to heal illness.

Q5: Can I recite the dua in any language, or does it have to be in Arabic?

Arabic is the language of the Quran, you can make dua in any language that you are comfortable with. Allah understands all languages, and sincerity of intention is more important.

Q6: Can I combine medical treatment with making a dua for health recovery?

Yes, Islam encourages seeking medical treatment as a means of recovery. Making a dua for health should complement proper medical care. It is believed that both spiritual and physical efforts are important.

Q7: Is there a specific time or place recommended for making this dua?

There isn’t a specific time or place mentioned for making a dua for health recovery. However, sincere supplications are encouraged at all times. Some people find it beneficial to make dua during the last third of the night or on Fridays, but this is not obligatory.

Q8: How can I enhance the effectiveness of my dua for health recovery?

Enhance the effectiveness of your dua by being sincere, humble, and patient. Also, maintain good deeds, seek forgiveness, and have faith in Allah’s wisdom and mercy.

Q9: Can I make a dua for someone who is not a Muslim?

Yes, you can make dua for the health of anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs. Islam encourages compassion and caring for all of humanity.

Q10: What if my dua for health recovery is not immediately answered?

Allah’s wisdom is beyond human comprehension. If your dua is not immediately answered, continue to be patient and have faith. Sometimes, delays may be a test of one’s patience or an opportunity for a better outcome.

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