How Many Types Of Khwab Ki Tabeer In Islam?

Assalamwalekum friends here through this website We help you in knowing about your Khwab Ki Tabeer.

What have you dreamt and what is the meaning of what you have seen in your dream? Tabeer is all about your dream interpretation.

Many people after seeing the dream get sad and want to know about the meaning of it. Here you will get to read tabeer e khwab. Khawab ki Tabeer In Urdu and also khwab ki tabeer in English.

Khwab Ki Tabeer In Hindi

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) once said

“Jaise-jaise duniya ke khatme ka waqt hota jayega, khwab uljhan ka shikar hote jayenge. Sab se sachche khwab sachche insan ke aate hain. Taham, agar koi shakhs kisi na-pasand cheez ko khwab me dekhta hai, usay is khwab ke bare me kisi se zikr nahi karna chahiye, aur fauri taur par apna bistar chhor kar nifl namaz ada karni chahiye.”

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How Many Types Of Khawab Ki Tabeer?

Good Khwab is from Allah and Bad dreams or khwab are from shaitan.

Aise khwab hote hain jinme ALLAH Ta’ala ki taraf se bashaarat (achhi khabar) di jati hai.
Aise khwab hote hain jo kisi shakhs ki khwahishaat aur shok ki wajah se aate hain.
Aise takleef dah khwab hote hain jo shaitan ki taraf se aate hain.

Khwab Mein Dant Tootna Ki Tabeer?

Khwab mein dant tootna kaisa hai. If you have seen his teeth broken in a dream that what is the meaning of it? So, here you will get your Khwab ki Tabeer for broken teeth.

If anyone has seen his teeth broken in a dream means all his teeth were broken and he collected all these teeth and put them in his pocket showing that he will be long-lived.

If anyone sees in his dream that all his teeth were broken and lost and he doesn’t know where the teeth are in such a case it shows that all his relatives will die before him.

If anyone sees that his few teeth are lost not all that means it shows that his close relative or family member will go to another country for earning. and if he also saw his teeth found after being lost shows that he will be back home.

If anyone is under the loan and he saw in a dream that his teeth were broken then it shows that his all loan will be completed or paid. InshaAllah. ‘

If anybody sees only one tooth broken that means from all his loans he will be paying off only a few.

If anyone wants to know his khawab ki tabeer then feel free to write us, we will Insha Allah help in this way. Or you can also comment to us.

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